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Chinese Traditional Medicin e (TCM) is a form of preventative medicine opposite to traditional western scientific medicine treatments applied by doctors to individuals with physical acute illnesses, emergencies or psychiatric conditions. TCM doctors diagnose and treat the whole human body system according to an elaborate system" developed over many centuries.

To delve a bit further, it has been said that within the Chinese Traditional Medicines agenda - Taoism principles are attached. The correlation is between the Chinese medicines philosophy that the human body is a small scaled mirror reflection of the cosmos, and the Taoism's principle that there is a right path finding ones place in the universe.

This theory leads to the Chinese medicines core application of treating imbalances within the whole human body or the whole human body and the higher nature (universe or cosmos) to create balance and harmony.

Another specific teaching of Taoism is that there is a universal energy called qi (which is defined as a persons degree of vitality). Within qi is a dual energy of yin and yang or so called element energies: fire, water, earth, metal and wood that are prevalent . These energies can be distinguished by the various mental, emotional and physical components of an individual.

Defining an imbalance of the energy does not constitute a proper diagnosis for treatment. TCM doctors consider other sources of the elaborate system when diagnosing imbalances of the human body and may employ certain techiques. Some considerations are the ten major internal organs and meridians. The meridians or invisible three-dimensional pathways that circulate the blood and qi and regulate the yin and yang.

The most crucial concept is that of qi - the energy of life . As mentioned these forces pervade the body and cause most physiological functions that maintain the health and vitality of the individual. Techniques applied may include acupuncture, qigong moxibustion, cupping, bleeding, massage, manipulation, herbal medicines, and diet therapy in both humans and animals.

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