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In the past ten years food intolerances and digestive problems have increased enormously. It is estimated that 40% Doctors visits are due to colon problems like constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and IBS yet people who visit the doctor with these complaints are no closer to finding a solution.

The Hydro Clinic in Dublin city is a clinic which specialises in digestive health. For the past year the therapist Niamh has been treating both male and female patients and achieving great results with bloating, constipation and IBS. Niamh is trained in Colon Hydrotherapy and Naturopathy and uses iridology, colon hydrotherapy, diet and supplements to restore the health of the colon.

Colon Hydrotherapy is not just for those with digestive problems. Many famous people have sung its praises. The most famous was perhaps Princess Diana, who swore by the process. She claimed it cured her fatigue, allergies, depression, infections, migraines and even her bulimia. She said it pumped up her energy, putting colour back in her cheeks and a new bounce in her step. According to Niamh “colonics are very popular with brides to be and people preparing for holidays or occasions. Many experts now believe that the average person has 5 to 20 lbs of accumulated waste matter in their colon. I have seen people who stick to my diet lose 10lbs or more, develop glowing skin and tons of energy after a course of three colonics. All this can be achieved in only a few weeks”.

Colon hydrotherapy is not just the latest fad either. It has been around since Egyptian times, as a health boosting process. Although practiced through the last 20 centuries, it is the 21st Century that has seen a rise in interest, as lifestyles in today's world have brought new problems mainly due to stress, pollution and declining food quality.

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy are many:

- It cleans and tones the colon in a gentle way using purified water, unlike harsh laxatives which irritate and damage the colon.

- It speeds up weight loss and detoxification. The colon is your largest organ of elimination. Weight loss results are enhanced by having a colonic treatment. According to Niamh “there is no point in detoxing your liver or trying to lose weight if your colon is not eliminating properly. We store toxins in our fat which are released as we are losing weight. If there is no exit channel out of the body where do you think those wastes go? It’s no wonder people feel irritated and anxious when losing weight. Their bodies are flooded with toxins!”

- It improves skin condition. Our skin condition is a reflection of the health of our colon. Niamh says “one of the colons function is to absorb water into the bloodstream, if the colon is blocked with dehydrated stool this absorption is reduced resulting in dry dehydrated skin. My customers glow after a few treatments and this lasts much longer than any facial”.

- In Chinese medicine we hold our emotions in the colon, colon hydrotherapy helps us to release pent up emotions and move on. Niamh agrees with this “I have seen so many people let go of past negative emotions or have the strength to make changes in their lives that they may have been contemplating for years. It gives people a clean slate feeling. Unfortunately this means many of my customers are now living in New Zealand or Australia!”

- It generates a feeling of lightness, happiness and increases energy in the healthy.

- The colon either directly or indirectly touches every part of the body except the brain. Reducing the size of the colon by cleansing reduces the pressure on all the other body organs, allowing them to function better.

A colon hydrotherapy treatment takes about 40mins. Although it feels a bit strange at first, it is not painful and feels just like going to the loo. The benefits are well worth the effort. A course of three treatments and consultation at The Hydro Clinic costs €300.

The Hydro Clinic is located on 16 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, downstairs in Medipharm.

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