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Here's a great beauty tip for you... try not to frown too much.  While Frowning we use on average 43 muscles while only using 17 for a smile.  Its estimated that every 2,000 frowns cause a wrinkle so try to keep in mind the age good old saying of "Turn that frown upside down"!!

As you read this article about half a million of your bodies cells will die, no need to worry though as they are replaced just as quick.  We often take the human body for granted but it is truly amazing what goes on every second of our lives without us even noticing it.

We blink about twenty five times every minute but its not until someone mentions blinking that we even notice its going on.  The brain actually switches off parts of its sensory systems during the blink so that we have a constant view of the world without interruption and as a result we don’t notice when we are doing it.  Most of us have an automatic blink reflex when we sneeze but some people do not.  A common myth is that your eyes will pop out if you sneeze with your eyelids open but thankfully that’s not the case.  Sneezing also takes place at an incredible speed of approximately 100mph.

In a stamp sized area of your skin you have an amazing three yards of blood cells, one hundred sweat glands, and 13 hundred nerves.  The impulse signals from the nerves to the brain travel at a speed of 170mph.  

If it wasn’t for your stomach lining being replaced every two weeks the stomach acids would eat into it and it would digest itself.  While were on the subject of the stomach its worth noting that you cant absorb the Calcium from milk if you drink it while eating meat so try and leave a 2 hour gap in-between next time.

We also replace our skeleton Avery three months and we produce a totally new skin once per month.  Now that you know how our body looks after itself a bit more I’ll leave you with a bit of advice.  Brush your teeth regularly and keep them away from trouble as they are the only part of your body that doesn’t repair itself.

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