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Most women have breast tenderness during menstruation, which can disturb virtually every part of your body and may increase if not given necessary attention. It is very important for all women to understand the nature of their breast during menstruation so as to handle it more effectively.

Breast tenderness during menstruation causes discomfort and unsettled mind to you as a woman. As healthy nutrition implies changes in lifestyle so as exercise program is recommended to breast tenderness. Not only that, natural treatment like alternative medicine is also good in handling breast tenderness most especially during menstruation.

As hormonal imbalance is the most probable cause for breast tenderness during menstruation periods, the first step is to ensure your body has the support it needs to maintain good hormonal levels. The best way to go should be to start with a healthy nutrition and maybe follow a hormonal imbalance treatment such as alternative medicine.

Putting on a good bra that can hold your breast very tight also helps in handling breast tenderness during menstruation in the sense that the bra, which will tighten the breast a bit to avoid much heaviness and pain.

Again, maintaining healthy amount of hormone in your body is also important by combining therapies such as alternative medicine and also lifestyle approaches for it helps you to manage your breast tenderness.

In conclusion, that your friend or a close relation is not having breast tenderness during menstruation and you are having it does not mean that you have any breast problem. It is good for you as a woman to study your body and know all that transpires in each cycle, then bear in mind that not all breast tenderness that is problem but if it persists after menstruation seek your physician advise.

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