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It is pretty common that when you practise reiki, whether by receiving regular treatments or by giving yourself treatments.. at some point or another you will come across clearing symptoms.

Below are 10 of the most common clearing symptoms..

#1 Going to the toilet alot

This is such a common reiki thing. I thought it was a bit hilarious when my reiki friend first mentioned that I might be needing to go to the toilet a bit during the reiki 1 workshop. But, she was right. And I have noticed also, since that time that this clearing symptom, like all the others, is not specifically connected to reiki practise, it is common to all shifts in energy or perception. For example, if I have been pondering a topic and find some clarity, inevietably I will go to the toilet soon after.

#2 Nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps

This is one that my wife has experienced alot of during her reiki travels. Again, it is not something limited to reiki practise, she has experienced it alot during other spiritual practises also. In buddhist terms clearing is usually labelled purification. And is generally thought in connection with negative causes or conditions. For example, every cause will produce a result, and perhaps there lay within your energy a cause for say your boss to get angry at you unreasonably, but because of all the good self treatments you have been giving yourself lately, that cause, rather than resulting in your boss being unreasonable, you have some nausea after some of your reiki sessions.


It is good to pause here, and just make the point that it is really good to be consistent in your reiki practise. If you can give yourself regular treatments, whether that be every day or once a week or whatever, you will gain alot more clarity about your reiki path by being consistent. If you treat yourself everyday it is much easier to see what is a result of clearing and what might be the result of something else.

#3 Laughing, crying

One of my teachers said to a small group of students after a few of us returned home from receiving some teachings from His Holiness Dalai Lama that after seeing him (His Holiness Dalai Lama) your heart is lighter and it is easier to laugh and easier to cry. And so it is sometimes when things shift as a result of reiki practise. The effect can be immediate. Especially during workshops/empowerments/attunements. I remember helping my reiki friend with a workshop, of someone who is now a great friend, and she (the lady doing the workshop) just got the giggles part way through, and continued to laugh the whole day through. Just energy blocks bubbling to the surface, I guess.

#4 Aches and stiffness

Another very common clearing symptom. I have had this lots, as has my wife. As with the other clearing symtpoms there are many theories about the cause behind them, and it should really just be remembered that one of the great things about reiki is that with dedication to the practise you can heal your energy and make progress on your path, even if you are really not sure about what the causes of your energy blockages are. Sure, there are insights to be had along the way, but today’s insights are tomorrows mis-perceptions, so do not get to hung up on them. Just my humble advice.

But, I will give you my two cents of the cause of stiffness, or should I say the block it is releasing. I think it is related to anger. And I think it is where general loving kindness is coming through more strongly and clearly, into your heart, as a result of releasing subtle anger. But, that is just one reiki persons theories, please feel free to email any others (we seem to still be having alot of issues with the submit comments on the site, so if you just want to send me an email, I will post the comments in tomorrows post)

#5 Tiredness

This is definitely a good one. Whenever my wife and I are coming out the other side of a lazy patch, or a time where we have been caught up in normal worldy life too much and our practise has waned.. and we re-stoke the fire of inspiration again.. we will ineviatably feel very very tired during at least the first week or two or three.

#6 Apathy/Self absorbtion

Whenever we do something “good”, like practise patience with selfish people, or give ourselves a reiki treatment everyday for 3 months, eventually it is very easy for this clearing symptom to creep in. We start to feel good about what we have done, and perhaps feel like we have done enough. Particularily if we started doing it because something in our life was not working out how we had thought, and then after practising reiki for a while, it has started to improve. One teacher calls it compassion fatigue. Something to look out for.

#7 Irritability

By practising reiki on a regular basis you will increase your concentration and the strength of your energy. Not only that your subtle perception of your own energy and what you do with it will increase also. This as a basis, you will also probably notice more what other people do with their energy, and also perhaps notice whether they are very aware, and whether they are able to focus very well. And, you will probably notice that most people struggle a fair bit with both these things. Because they do not value them overly highly and because they do not train with them. It is easy for irritability to come up as a result, and because your energy is stronger and your mind clearer (than before), while you are still learning/adjusting to your shifts in energy.

#8 Megalomania

Everyone responds to clearing blocks and shifting energy in different ways. It is good to remember that no clearing symptom is better than another. No symptom indicates greater ability or power or potential or destiny than another. Particularily if you think you might be jesus or the next savior of the world. Which alot of us do, at some point. Myself included. But do not tell anyone. I am trying to keep my second coming a little hush hush at the moment.

#9 Cloud 9

One of the regular clearing symptoms in reiki practise that tends to go un-noticed is bliss. Alot of people tend to feel that this is the goal of reiki practise/training and spiritual practise in general. I would not disagree with you entirely, except to say that it should always be a side-effect not the aim. When it becomes the goal, it becomes hard to attain. You also set your self on a path of potential anger if you focus too much on pleasant feelings, because you will get pissed off it they go away. Or at least you will start to feel like you have done something wrong.

#10 Cannot feel the energy anymore

This is a classic. It is just another part of the path. At some point or another we will all go through this, particularily if we go through peaks and troughs with our commitment to our practise, where we feel like we have lost our connection to the energy. We can no longer feel it flowing through our hands or eyes or breath or whatever. Rest assured it comes back. For me, I theorize this happens as the energy perception becomes a little deeper, a little more subtle.

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