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Mention the SEX word and almost immediately all types of emotions transcend our minds; happiness, joy, shyness, anger, shame, sadness, etc.

It is sex that brings us onto the planet. It is the happier intimate times shared between our parents that brought our spirits to this world. So, if we have difficulty with the primal sexual energy that brings us here, then we will find ourselves stuck in a cycle of self-hatred, lack of respect and feeling puzzled about this very precious event that has brought life to us. Times past in old Ireland the amount of shame, guilt, confusion, ignorance, and fear associated with the sexual energy was overwhelming. As a result of this, in the modern multi cultural Irish society of today, we find ourselves at a cross road with our sexual perceptions, as one part of us remains stuck in the old ways while the other part of us wants to go wild and experience, explore and experiment with the ever increasing sexual energies that are brewing within the individual.

This shows itself clearly among the younger generation with the misuse of the sexual energy as a clear indication, with ever increasing numbers of sexually transmitted disease in this country. This is (partially) due to separating spiritual energy from sexual energy by our religious preachers in the past.


Sacred Energy eXchange

As it transpires it leads us to the merging of two powerful energies of masculine and feminine energy. When these two energies merge together, it is capable of producing a life that is priceless to loving parents who spend most of their lives nurturing the gift from their lovemaking. This is based on the old eastern philosophy of Tantra which explains how to celebrate love, life, and spirit through the windows of our senses, to awaken our hearts, minds, and bodies to the magic and ecstasy of each moment. The Tantric approach is to choose with intention and awareness that which brings us pleasure and joy which opens the door to a deeper connection with the spirit and a greater sense of aliveness and well-being. Tantric teaching also explains that in order for people to open up spiritually, they have to come back and totally embrace their sexual energy and be clear about it in order for them to take that same energy and transform themselves to lead a contented blissful life. Sex is a priceless God given gift for us to heal and enable each other to be so orgasmic in our lives. Sex enhances the individual's perception of love, as love is one of the most valuable learning lessons in this universal school.


Female Sexual Energy

Many women are well accustomed to suffering in silence. They opt to 'exist' rather than to really live. Until women learn to recognize these traits and free themselves from this existence, women will never make men understand how to love them the way they want to be loved.

To bring about this respectful understanding between men and women, we need to change our discriminatory attitude towards our sons and daughters and learn to treat them with respect and to love each other unconditionally; so enabling them to become aware of how their very differences unite to complement each other. We often notice how boys and girls are made to discriminate between sexes by way of a joke for the elders or simply by transferring our prejudiced hang ups on to them. This causes a major effect around the age of thirteen as they are transforming during their puberty.

Since time began, woman has been manipulated and encouraged to feel that the finest expression of her love is to please men sexually. Unfortunately this message was transformed to them by women in many cases. The real truth is the finest love is to have the man pleasuring the woman, making her feel like a sensual goddess who is filled with nurturing love. He can only do this if he can forget his pre-occupation with his own exciting orgasms and be sufficiently selfless or present in love to collect and receive her female divine energies.

By teaching her to please him and to satisfy him through the ages, man has taught woman to want him and to project herself in a sexually exciting way to him.

By doing this, he created an emotional craving for his sexual attention and controlled her by neglecting to love her the way she would like to be loved. Man addicted her to this by teaching her that there is no purpose to physical love outside of procreation or selfish pleasure. By his own selfishness and fear, he taught women to be selfish. He taught her to excite him physically whenever love was not present; to project her sexuality for their mutual pleasure through clothing, make-up, dance, and posing. Yet a truly beautiful woman is someone whose inner beauty shines through constantly with femininity, love, compassion, kindness intuition and sensuality.

An uninterrupted flow of sexual energies, the symbol of her pure love, shines through her auras. How then to become this woman, through being nurtured with love, consideration of her sexual needs, appreciation of her wild and sensual being, through selfless lovemaking, leaving her full of warm and healing positive energy, pulsating with fulfilment, appreciation and mutual understanding allowing her own energies to expand and grow to finally enabling her to become the woman she deserves to be????

The loveless tranquillizer of sex numbed her, and like all addictions engendered fear and vulnerability; fear of losing him or his attention; fear of other women in the form of jealousy and female competition. If she didn't satisfy him another women soon would. With this knowledge co- exists the intimidating thought sown in her mind by all her sexual partners that if she doesn't comply would she be left all alone? With all this in her thoughts, how can she have a fulfilling sexual intimacy with the man? How can she achieve a great orgasm?

Woman's orgasm unlike man's, is the greatest healing instrument for her life. When a woman has an orgasm, she releases her negative energy, leaving her full of positive energy, where she feels totally contented and orgasmic throughout the day. This in turn creates a loving and harmonious environment within a relationship and thus overflows into a fulfilled and happy home life.

An unhappy woman discovers the power to tease and manipulate man without delivering the goods, or by denying the goods when he wanted them; it's a resentment bargain game where she uses him for everything she can get out of him, with the total frustration of not being satisfied emotionally. The excitement of lust soon wears off, and after she lets him enter her body he quickly tires of her and goes in search of another woman to satisfy his ego. All these egotistical games cloud the female's perceptions, making her feel emotional and not herself. This reduces the feminine qualities in women. In men the negative masculinity creeps through frustration and manifests the active, outgoing selfish egotistical drive, which makes the world a violent and loveless place. Just imagine! If a healthy sex life existed among people, would we really have time to go to war or hurt another human being? Why would we even feel the need to spread violence, anger or war? Can this be achieved through the love, respect and mutual understanding through the awareness of the importance of transferring only positive energy to those we love and indeed to each and every person we encounter in our lives, therefore creating a warmer, kinder and more caring society???

If you master the art of love time and other priorities become irrelevant. It is because we will have found ultimate solution to all our problems through the very simplicity Sacred Energy eXchange???

Until man starts to worship women and accept and understand the true meaning of love making, they will not have attained the power of their true masculinity.

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