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Always wear a sports bra when exercising to give added support thus reducing saggy breasts or breast pain and movement of the breasts when exercising. To reduce pain and movement of the breasts when exercising, woman should always wear a well-fitting sports bra.

The dub sports bra can be used for the following actives:-
Weight training, Yoga, Spinning, Running, Aerobics

Which sports bra should I wear- is a differcut thing the question is which one. Sports bras are usually manufactured in one of one type, the traditional style of bra with cups that lift and separate giving shape and form. There are various makes of sports bra on the market and ours is a specialist sports bra. Our dub shock absorber padded sports bra with its double lined system and adjustable straps and soft breathable fabric gives you freedom of movement and keeps you dry longer, a great running bra. Made of 91% Cotton 9% Elastane, for added support is best for your activity.

A good fit is essential, firm and supportive but no so tight it restricts breathing, although you can measure your bust to establish your size and cup size, it is worth remembering that sizes are not industry standard and each manufacturers sizes can vary from each other, so it is important to select your bra from a specialist company like ourselves who will exchange it free of charge if the size is not right.

In recent years our sports bras have benefited from the advance in high performance fabrics that take moisture away from the skin and keep you dryer and cooler in your workout, fabrics such as Polyamide which has a unique fibre construction helps to keep you cool and dry during your workouts. Mery Actisystem is a fabric which maintains the natural balance of the skin as they are highly breathable and possess excellent moisture management properties which helps to eliminate bacterial build up. Supplex® is a super knitted soft nylon yarn that resembles cotton,made by DuPont this enables quick drying, up to 40% faster than cotton, it is abrasion resistant to minimise pilling, retain shape and is easy to look after being wash & wear, crease resistant. So when you purchase our sports bra you will be wearing a good comfortable piece of kit, that will in the long run may keep you looking and performing better.

Author Details: Chris Jones


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