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1. Clinical effectiveness: Chinese medicine, particularly when it is practiced in a Classically-based manner, works. In my scant year of clinical observation, I have seen miracles transpire. I have seen people shackled by various conditions, sometimes all their lives, be simply TRANSFORMED after only a few treatments. Many of you have probably seen this as well. It works for patients - and that’s what medicine is supposed to do.

Yes, I’ve read THAT study, too. Studies have flaws - THAT study has been roundly denounced by a number of people in a number of different ways. I’d be glad to discuss it in another post. Think also about this - Chinese medicine works in a manner entirely different from Western medicine. It’s so different, in fact, that placebo controlled double blind studies may simply be ineffective for displaying what it is that Chinese medicine can do. Clinical studies are another matter, and many show the great effectiveness of Chinese medicine. Where those studies have been negative or inconclusive, I feel that it probably has something to do with the level of Chinese medicine being practiced in the study. That’s why I’m hoping to do (and encourage others to do) clinical studies through Helfgott Research Institute. I’ll certainly post about any future results.

2. Doctors who take their time: When you see a Chinese physician for the first time, you will probably be amazed by the intake process. The process is extremely detailed, and Chinese physicians take all of your concerns under advisement - not just those that fit neatly into a simple diagnostic category. Chinese medicine physicians will not dismiss your concerns as “irrelevant” or “psychosomatic,” they will integrate each manifestation of disease into a full diagnosis that will guide a treatment to rectify the balance of your ENTIRE system.

3. Fewer environmental impacts than Western medicine: Chinese medicine doesn’t employ pharmaceuticals or other chemicals in carrying out treatment or diagnostics. The pollutants dumped into our waterways by the pharmaceutical industry are a significant problem. That being said, there are real environmental issues that the CM profession must grapple with, including the problems inherent in importing herbal products from China. Although that is most certainly a post in itself - I want to point out that many American companies are working to find pesticide-free and sustainably produced herbal products. More of this is surely to come.

4. Good cost-benefit ratio: As we all know, the escalating costs of healthcare are leaving many Americans uninsured, causing nearly unbearable pressure on the hospital system and social services. That the wealthiest nation in the world leaves so many people without access to basic care is reprehenisble. Natural medicine in general represents an answer to this problem. Many treatments by Chinese medicine physicians use food therapy and economically priced herbal supplements. Further, you will find that the average office visit for a Chinese medicine doctor is very reasonable considering the great depth of care you receive. Insurance companies are beginning to pick up the cost of these office visits, which is an encouraging sign.

5. Total integration: This medicine doesn’t “rob Peter to pay Paul,” as the saying goes. When your chief complaint is treated, it is treated in order to integrate your entire self - mind, body and spirit. So, for instance, your ongoing treatment for seasonal allergies isn’t going to create dryness in your mucus membranes, difficulty sleeping and pervasive feeling of anxiety. This will reduce your overall discomfort, as well as keeping costs down - you won’t need to buy medicine to treat the problems that your medicines produced!

There are certainly many more reasons you should make Classical Chinese Medicine your medicine of choice - but I hope this list will provide you with some food for thought as you contemplate your health care options. Remember - YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS!

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