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Your guide to Ireland's alternative, complementary &  holistic therapies & therapists

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Last Updated 05/04/2022

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Alternative medicine is a term that describes traditional medical treatments that are used instead of or in conjunction with mainstream therapies. It is also  referred to it as holistic, integrative and complementary medicine.

Alternative healing modalities have seen a significant and steady rise in interest, with more people seeking alternative, complimentary, integrative and holistic health therapies.Reasons for this include people being unable to find appropriate satisfaction with conventional methods,  choosing to integrate treatments with standard care, or people simply looking for a more natural and holistic form of medicine.

What many people find appealing about alternative therapies is that they rarely follow a 'one size fits all' approach to health. They are often more person centerd, offer individualised care and tend to focus on addressing the cause of the complaint, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.


Alternative health specialists also understand the role balance plays in health. This means they pay attention not only to the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health also. Many people appreciate the benefits of this holistic approach and so seek out treatment that will benefit them in 'whole body health'.

Another draw of alternative medicine is its focus on prevention. Whereas conventional medicine tends to intervene once disease is present, many types of alternative medicine focus on health and wellness practices in everyday life. Practitioners often encourage patients to have 'well visit' treatments that are focused on preventing disease before it occurs.


At Alternative Health, we believe in an open-minded approach to health and healing where both conventional and alternative healing practices can work side by side for the benefit of the individual. We do however advise seeing your doctor and seeking medical advice in the first instance.

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