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We are a Start Up business creating an information and directory site for alternative, holistic and complementary therapies in Ireland. brings alternative, holistic and complementary healing modalities under one umbrella. We provide valuable information regarding the application and benefits of these therapies,  present the skills & qualifications of therapists, and help to bring these healing modalities to the forefront alongside conventional medical practices. We believe in an open minded approach to health and healing where both conventional and alternative healing practices can co-exist for the benefit of the individual.

We have over ten years of experience in Alternative Health & Media Marketing across all platforms meaning we have have had our eyes & ears in the business for many years. Coupled with this is a genuine passion for everything health & alternative health related. We have watched the tide change over the last number of years as more people seek out alternative health practices. This can be the result of not finding appropriate satisfaction with conventional methods or people simply looking for a more natural and holistic forms of medicine.


We offer a 'one stop shop' for practitioners where clients can easily find your business and benefit from the health opportunities you offer. This benefits practitioners and therapists because we have the knowledge and experience necessary to put your business in front of clients looking for your service. It benefits people seeking your services by making it easy and accessible for them to find you, learn about you and contact you.


If you are a practitioner or therapist and would like to be listed on our website please Join Us and avail of the many benefits we have to offer. A basic listing is free and we also offer a membership listing with added benefits. Whether you choose to become a member or opt for a free listing, we value your business. Please view a Sample Profile Page Here.


We also provide an online Health Shop where people can view and purchase any products you sell.

If you are a therapist or health practitioner we would love for you to Join Us , become a newly listed member on and avail of the benefits for your business.


If you have come to our site because you are interested in alternative health or are seeking an alternative health practitioner, please bare with us, we are busy getting everything up and running as soon as possible. We will soon have a wonderful resource where you will be able to find everything you need in the natural, holistic and complementary fields of health.

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